Photobooks & photo galleries

Beginning in 2004 and continuing until about 2012 or so, my primary occupation and creative outlet was photography.

The books below are all unpublished maquettes that i made for my own pleasure. I printed and hand bound some of them, but it's probably more convenient to look at them online using Issuu's embedded widgets, linked from the covers below.

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Slàvia Concerts

This is a set of six small volumes, intended to be printed magazine style and published in a single slipcase.

Boira Gebradora / Freezing Fog

The first winter i spent in Els Omellons - 2005/6 - was one of the last recent ones to have had any sort of significant hoar frost. Climate change has made winters milder and there is less fog and very little of the multiday freezing fogs that were common when my neighbours were young.


A pyromaniac tradition derived from the medieval "Devil's Balls" but amped up by the sort of ordnance that only ready access to world trade and cheap Chinese fireworks factories could provide.

We Have Moved

A portrait of a historic street in Dublin in the years just before it was supposed to be contraversially demolished for new development (new development, the idea of which was itself demolished by the global crisis of 2008, at least so far.)